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Due to the increasing aging population as well as an increased activity of our US military overseas, there is an increased prevalence of neurological events. CVA is the leading cause of neurological dysfunction affecting persons around the world. Within the USA there are over twenty-five million persons who have had a neurological event and the majority have symptoms related to neuro-visual processing dysfunction. Some of these symptoms are difficulties with balance, posture, dizziness, vertigo, spatial disorientation, headaches, etc. Other acquired neurological events are TBI, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, as well as congenital neurological events such as cerebral palsy (CP), autism, to name several.

For those who suffer a neurological event, their world can be entirely reset in one brief, yet monumental moment. Without proper diagnosis or treatment, the quality of life for the individual will diminish. As the worldwide populations continue to age, neurological events are on the rise creating a tremendous need for tools to aid with this escalating challenge. We have created PRT to provide the unique tools aimed at combating this challenge with expectation of improving the quality of life for countless persons around the world.

The technological foundation of the PRT is a unique blend of neuro-visual processing and microcomputer technology. The technology will be based on cutting edge understanding from research of neuro-visual processing and the dysfunction that occurs following a neurological event.

A state-of-the-art device to expand the peripheral field for those who have a visual field loss following a CVA or TBI
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NICAD™ is an advanced concept screening device for substance abuse and for determining if a person has received a mild Traumatic Brain Injury

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